The 2019 JET Program application is now closed.

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Every year the JET Program receives thousands of applications.
Of those, several hundred are disqualified simply because they are missing required documents.

Don’t disqualify yourself for a very simple mistake!   Read more


Advice for Aspiring JETs:

  • Visit the Required Documents page. The descriptions and sample forms on this page are from the previous application cycle and may be subject to change, but they will give you a sense of what you will need to collect for the application. Plan ahead!
  • Continue to add to your resume! Take the opportunity to study Japanese, teach or tutor if possible (especially English), get involved with local Japan-affiliated or international groups, and make the most of the time until the next application period.
  • Attend a career fair or info session to talk to a JET Program Coordinator or JET Program alumni. Most events take place in the fall, so be sure to check out our Upcoming Events page to find one near you!
  • Last but not least, read the instructions and guidelines! Use the directions and FAQ provided here on the Official JET Program USA website, not information on unofficial forums. All applicants are required to read the 2019 JET Program Application Guidelines before beginning the application and are responsible for following the instructions.

Since the JET Program was founded in 1987, we have sent more than 61,000 global participants (including nearly 32,000 Americans) to work in schools, boards of education, and government offices throughout Japan.

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