The JET Program Office in Washington, D.C. works as a recruiting and orientation hub for new JET Program participants, but does not have full information on your location or years of participation on the JET Program. However, we understand that employment verification is an important step of many hiring processes. Thus, the JET Program Office has partnered with the Japan Local Government Center (a branch of CLAIR) in New York to provide employment verification for JET alumni.

Visit the Japan Local Government Center (JLGC) page to learn how to request your employment verification. You’ll also find that the JLGC provides useful info about the many ways that CLAIR continues to support JET Program participants after their return from the JET Program, as well as other Japan-related activities.

Please note that the JLGC can only verify your placement location and years of participation on the Program, as well as the basic job responsibilities of the ALT or CIR position. If you require a character reference or letter of recommendation, you should ask a principal, teacher, supervisor, or coworker from your time on JET to write you something to that effect. It’s a good idea to keep in touch with former coworkers at least every few years, as teachers and some administrators routinely change workplaces.