JET Alumni Associations

JET participants are expected to continue to play a role as a bridge between Japan and their home countries after their time on the JET Program. Former JET participants have founded alumni associations in their home countries/areas and in Japan named “JET Alumni Associations” (JETAA).

With over 35,800 JET alums from the US alone, the JET Program alumni network is also a powerful tool you can leverage to advance your career. The regional alumni associations are a great way to connect with this network, reminisce about Japan, and promote US-Japan relations. Read on to learn about the opportunities available in your area! Or, if you plan to move to a new country after the JET Program, check out the International JET Alumni Association to learn about what chapters are available in your next home!

The United States JET Alumni Association (USJETAA) is an non-profit umbrella organization for the various regional sub-chapters within the United States. The mission of the USJETAA is to provide support and resources to JET alumni chapters and individual JET alumni throughout the United States in order to strengthen the capacity of the JETAA network, enabling alumni to contribute to the greater U.S.-Japan relationship and ‘bring Japan home’ by fostering education and understanding of Japanese culture in the United States.


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