JET 1998-2000 in Ishikawa
“If you go on the JET Program, you’re going to feel empowered, by not just the possibilities of humanity and the ability to find common ground, but also your own personal prospects for the future.”


JET 2008-2009 in Saitama
“It is an experience like none other. It is an experience of a lifetime. It completely made me who I am today. I’m still in love with Japan and you will fall in love with Japan and it is the best experience you can ever do for yourself.”


JET 2008-2011 in Fukuoka

“When I was in Japan, I once ran a 10K on a small island. After the race, they gave me dried fish. I love telling that story because it’s an example of how different and fun it is to be a JET.”


JET 2013-2018 in Gifu

“My students inspire me every day. You think that you’re giving to your students; but they are giving to you. Coming here, I’ve learned the gift of generosity. It’s the most important thing ever.”


JET 2012-2014 in Kagawa
“As a Pakistani American, my students never knew that someone could be from 2 places. When I joined the community in my prefecture, I was ‘adopted’ by 2 Japanese moms. My ‘J-Moms’ came to visit my family in Michigan. The experience came full circle. ”


JET 1988-1989 in Mie
“I went to Japan to deepen my understanding in the second year of the JET Program.  Being a JET confirmed my passion for Japan and commitment to be a bridge between Japan and the United States.  I now head up the U.S. JET Alumni Association.”