The JET Program is currently seeking a qualified baseball coach to serve as a Sports Exchange Advisor in Hokkaido, Japan!  Please read the information below and apply by Monday, March 20th. Successful candidates will be contacted in late-March regarding the interview process.

What is the JET Program?

The JET Program is a competitive employment opportunity that allows young professionals to live and work in cities, towns, and villages throughout Japan. Being a JET is an opportunity to work and to represent the United States as cultural ambassadors to Japan. Most participants serve as Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) and work in public and private schools throughout Japan; some work as Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs) as interpreters/translators; and only a limited number of participants work as Sports Exchange Advisors (SEAs) to foster international exchange through a universal language of sports.

The JET Program seeks participants who are adaptable, outgoing, and who have a deep interest in Japan. Only the best candidates are chosen to represent America.


What does a SEA do?

Sports Exchange Advisors (SEAs) work for local governments, coaching and promoting internationalization through the universal language of sports. SEAs are sports professionals whose role is to assist with sports training and the planning of sports related projects.

A selected baseball SEA will be coaching a local youth baseball team with members ranging from elementary school kids to teenagers.



A successful candidate will be placed in Higashikawa, Hokkaido which is located in a northern island of Japan. Higashikawa is known for the “Photo Koshien”, where high-school students from all over Japan compete in photography. It is a town of 7,800, located in the inland basin of Kamikawa, central Hokkaido.

Higashikawa Official Website:



The JET participant’s salary is determined by the number of years of participation on the JET Program. As employment through the JET Program as a full-time paid position, JET participants receive a monthly salary from their contracting organizations. Yearly salary before tax is:

  • 1st year: 3,360,000 yen/year
  • 2nd year: 3,600,000 yen/year
  • 3rd year: 3,900,000 yen/year
  • 4th and 5th year: 3,960,000 yen/year

In Japan, joining the national social (health) insurance, contributing to the pension fund program and paying employment insurance are mandatory. A part of these costs are borne by the participant and deducted from the monthly post-tax remuneration each month on payday.

JET Program Visa

The JET Program Office will provide the necessary work visa for a candidate who is selected to participate on the JET Program. Detailed instructions will be provided after notification of the selection.

Dependents of JET Program participant (spouse or children) are also eligible for dependent visas. Please note that only legal spouses and children under the age of 18 are eligible for a dependent visa. A fiance(e), common-law spouse, etc. is not eligible.

Transportation To and From Japan

The JET Program participant’s flights to and from Japan after their contract term are provided for them by the contracting organization.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be mentally/physically healthy
  • Excel at baseball and have 3 years of coaching experience
  • Be interested in Japanese culture and willing to learn Japanese
  • Be adaptable and flexible
    *Please read the application guidelines to see the full eligibility criteria

Application Timeline

January:                   Application Open

March 20:                Application Deadline

Late-March:            Result of first screening stage

Early-Mid April:      Interview

May:                          Final result is announced



1.   Read SEA Application Guideline

2.   Collect Required Documents

All applicants must submit following items: 

  • Application Form (Download)
  • Self-Assessment and Medical Form (Download)
  • Statement of Purpose (2 pages)
  • Proof of U.S. Citizenship
  • TWO Letters of Recommendation and reference forms

For more information regarding each item and additional documents, please see the How to Apply information page.

3.   Submit Documents by Email at

*Successful applicants who are invited to the interview will be required to submit all application materials in hard copy.

Please contact or 202-238-6772/6773 if you have any questions regarding this position.


Application Deadline: March 20, 2017



Since the JET Program was founded in 1987, we have sent more than 61,000 global participants (including nearly 32,000 Americans) to work in schools, boards of education, and government offices throughout Japan.

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