2020 Sports Exchange Adviser (SEA)

Calling all coaches! The JET Program is currently seeking qualified baseball and archery coaches to serve as Sports Exchange Advisers (SEAs) in Japan! SEAs live and work in placements across Japan, engaging with Japanese youths to promote cultural exchange through their sport. Japanese language skill is NOT required. All you need is  your coaching credentials and your love for the sport!


What are SEAs?

SEAs are sports professionals whose role is to assist with sports training and the planning of sports related projects. SEAs work for local governments, coaching and promoting internationalization in Japan.

As an SEA you may tasked with:

  • Assisting sports instruction affairs at your Contracting Organization (e.g. cooperating or advising on planning, designing, and implementing sports projects).
  • Assisting sports training of promising local athletes
  • Assisting sports training of employees of your Contracting Organization and local residents
  • Advising and collaborating on sports activities of local private groups or organizations engaging in international exchange
  • Any other duties deemed necessary by your supervisor


What are you looking for?

For the 2020 year, we are looking to fill three positions:

  • Baseball Sports Exchange Adviser – Osaka Prefecture, Japan
  • Baseball Sports Exchange Adviser – Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
  • Archery Sports Exchange Adviser – Ehime Prefecture, Japan



Applicants are required to submit all applicable REQUIRED MATERIALS to the JET Program Office in Washington, D.C. via e-mail, regardless of their intended interview location.

For a more detailed explanation, please make sure to read the 2020 SEA Application Guidelines.

The deadline to e-mail your application materials is 11:59 PM (HST) March 15, 2020.


2020 JET Program Application (SEA) and Self-Report of Medical Conditions form

and prepare your Criminal History Record Information (ONLY if applicable)

Statement of Purpose
In a Word document, you must submit an application statement of purpose / essay regarding your motivation for applying to the JET Program. Applicants should take this opportunity to address all of the following:

  • Why you wish to go to Japan as a participant of the JET Program and why you are interested in the position
  • What effect you hope to have on the Japanese community and internationally as a result of your participation in the JET Program.
  • How your experiences, professional skills, and relevant interests will be useful to you as an SEA, and will further the objectives of the JET Program.
  • What you hope to gain, both personally and professionally, from your JET experience if you are selected and how participation will assist you in your future career.

Applicants should take this opportunity not only to explain their motivation for applying, but also to showcase their knowledge of standard conventions for proper American English grammar and spelling.

  • Two pages double-spaced on letter-size paper (8.5×11) with one-inch margins and size 12 font.  The two-page limit is strictly observed.
 Two (2) Letters of Recommendation

  • Letters must be in either English or Japanese
  • Reference letters should be academic or professional
  • One of the letters should be from an individual at a relevant organization who can comment on your coaching experience
  • Letters must be sent directly by letter writers to jetprogram@ws.mofa.go.jp. 
Certification of Graduation
Certification of Graduation from a university, vocational college, etc.
Coaching Certification
Any certifications or qualifications of coaching in one’s field of expertise (ONLY if applicable)
 Proof of U.S. Citizenship
Such as a U.S. passport, birth certificate, or completed naturalization papers.

  • Accepted types of proof are limited to: scans of a passport, passport card, birth certificate, or naturalization papers.
  • Proof must be issued by a government organization such as a city, county, or state government
2020 Statement of Physician
Applicants are required to obtain a Statement of Physician form under the following circumstances:

  • If you are consulting a physician or other professional on more than one occasion regarding a physical/mental health issue.
  • If you are taking medication to alleviate a condition, illness or injury such that the prescription is re-filled on one or more occasions.
  • If you are undergoing hospitalization (including surgery) to alleviate a condition, illness or injury (not including dental surgery).
  • If you answer yes to questions 1, 2a, 2b, or 3 as found on the Self-Report of Medical Conditions form

Please send all required documents (except for the Criminal Record) as attachments* in an e-mail to jetprogram@ws.mofa.go.jp no later than 11:59 (HST) March 15, 2020. 

*If the total size of your attached documents exceeds 7MB, please send your documents across multiple emails so that no attachments exceed 7MB.



March                                            Application deadline

 Announcement of results of first stage of screening process
(review of written applications)

April                                               Second stage of screening process (interviews)

May                                                Notification of successful Participant status and assignment of Contracting Organization for arrivals

May-2nd week of Dec                Notification of upgrade to short-list candidate for alternates.

June-July                                       Pre-Departure Orientation, preparation, etc.

Saturday, September 12          Departure from the US

Sunday, September 13              Arrival in Japan (appointments begin on September 14)